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The Person

I am Renuka Pitre and I am a life-long learner! That’s how I identify myself.

An alumna of St. Mira’s School and St. Mira’s College, Pune, Maharashtra, I am eternally grateful to these institutions for inculcating beautiful values in me.

And I am eternally grateful to Dad - Mom for getting me educated from these Sacred Places.

I am a writer, who writes about handling the load on one’s back with love in their hearts.

My simple mantra is "Work hard without being hard on yourself" and "All answers are within you".

I believe one should learn to ‘handle’ things, and not ‘battle’ them.

Author of ‘You are your BFF’ (Kindle Edition), my writings include majority of the areas like Self-love, Investing in oneself, Going gentle on oneself, positive thinking, Love and care for parents, Faith in God, love for the nation, Law of Attraction, Friendship, Respecting all human beings and almost everything.

Looking forward to writing more books in the coming future.

- Renuka Pitre


To help individuals learn, through my writings, that all answers are within.


It is all within!

Some of the Epic Quotes

“Loving yourself and loving everyone will give you more happiness than expecting love from everyone”

“Where should you go when faced with problems? Go within”

“Nothing is permanent in life, but your love for yourself can be”

“In dark times, don’t torture yourself, Be the torch for yourself”

“I kept asking God for giving solutions to my problems, He kept putting me in front of the mirror”

“Be determined about your ‘Where to reach’, The ‘How to reach’ can be worked on everyday”

“Good leaders don’t dominate, they demonstrate”.

“When you start focusing on yourself, Magic starts focusing on you”.

"Following a crowd not knowing what that crowd is really following... Don’t do that to yourself”.

“They laughed at me that I was happy without ‘a huge bank balance, a car, and a luxurious house’. And I prayed that they correct their definition of happiness”.

“Friends may not be trained counsellors, Yet they carry special therapeutic powers!”

“Forgiveness makes you the Hero, When you don’t forgive, you are playing the victim”.

“In your hard times, I’ll be there for you. In my hard times, don’t worry, I will be there for me”.

“Before concluding “I am ugly”, could you borrow my eyes, please?”

“No, you didn’t fail, you just fell. Come’on get up”.

“You are not wasting your time, you are wasting your talent by not giving time to it”.

“Letting go may not be easy, but it will make your life easier”.

“Sometimes deleting that whole para you typed for explaining yourself, also meas you have grown up”.

“When your parents fall ill, your presence is their best pill”.

“Bad News: I don’t have those skills. Good News: All skills, absolutely all skills, are learnable”.


Books one must read :

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  • Unlimited Power, Tony Robbins
  • Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins
  • Notes from your friend, Tony Robbins

Youtube Videos one must watch :

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  • How to break negative thinking, Tony Robbins
  • Secrets of self-made millionare, Brian Tracy
  • Is Distraction causing you to betray your talent, Robin Sharma
  • "Unsung Hero" [Official TVC 2014: Thai Life Insurance] - Thai life channel
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